Portfolio & Projects

Ready City

Ready City simplifies the daunting task of preparing for natural disasters. Instead of poring through long PDFs and hard-to-navigate government websites with one-size-fits-all instructions, users deserve a streamlined and actionable list of preparations unique to their life situation.

Ready City delivers on this concept by asking users to fill out a simple assessment of their home, dependents, contacts, and where they spend the most time. This input generates a personalized list of preparations sortable by priority level and category. In future iterations, users will be able to practice natural disaster simulations, share preparation plans and budget how much money and time will be needed to create a complete preparedness plan.

  • Technology highlights:
  • React & Redux
  • Webpack + Rails integration
  • Postgres
  • SMACSS-flavored SASS
  • Neat, Bourbon


At the age of 15 I discovered photography, and a creative spark was lit. In my teens and twenties I carried my camera everywhere (especially overseas), and recently I've started taking photos of weddings. Adlerography is a collection of my favorite images throughout the years. Travel-related sections are displayed as a slideshow overlay within the site; wedding sections link out to unique single-page sites custom-created for each happy couple.

  • Technology highlights:
  • Express
  • Flexbox
  • Gulp
  • BxSlider
  • Photoshop & Lightroom

Eugene Weston III

See that {Weston} up at the top of your screen? It comes from Eugene Weston III, my maternal grandfather. He was a third-generation architect who designed some really beautiful midcentury homes, and his aesthetic has heavily influenced my tastes. So when I discovered a yellowing tri-fold pamphlet from the mid-50's describing his services, a lightbulb went off: what if it was recreated word for word, film grain by film grain, but as a responsive web page? ew-iii is the result. Now I aspire for this to be an ongoing project where I continue to apply bits of front end knowledge as I learn new techniques.

NB: I'm pretty sure the photographs were taken by Julius Shulman, so all credit for these beautiful images goes to him and his estate.

  • Technology highlights:
  • Express
  • BEM-flavored SASS
  • Paperfold.js
  • A 60-year-old trifold pamphlet
  • Classic architectural photography

Code Builders Dev Shop

After six months of intensive web development study, Code Builders students became C.B. dev shop apprentices working on client contracts and internal-facing projects. My work for CB included writing unit and functional tests for the reviewer portal of a youth app design competition, improving UI for wholesale customers of a record label, and building an all-React frontend prototype of a Code Builders internal app.

  • Technology highlights:
  • TDD w/ RSpec
  • React
  • JQuery
  • Rails

Code Builders

I've long had a passion for design and technology, and Code Builders gave me the tools to bring ideas to life on the web. With a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, we received highly focused and deeply personalized instruction. The six-month, full-time curriculum focused on the Ruby on Rails stack: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3 (SASS, Bourbon, Bootstrap), JavaScript (vanilla, jQuery & React), Agile development (TDD with RSpec) and Agile workflows (daily standup, pairing, PRs and code review), and tools (Github, PivotalTracker, Slack & Trello).

Over six months we built projects of increasing techincal complexity. My favorite group project was PetPointer, a 'WalkScore for Pets' API that leverages the Yelp, Zillow and Google Maps APIs to calculate the pet-friendliness of an address based on that location's proximity to parks, Yelp rating quality of vets and pet stores & services, interior and exterior square footage, and noise pollution. My favorite individual project was Photosquid, an image-sharing and -rating platform featuring image uploading with CarrierWave, image storage with AWS/S3, and user notification emails with Rails mailers.

  • Technology highlights:
  • Ruby, Rails
  • CSS3, HTML5, Javascript
  • Agile methodologies
  • Daily data structure & algorithm warmups