My name is Daniel Weston Adler, but you can call me dadler.

I'm a web developer honing my craft in Portland, OR.

I'm obsessed with building beautiful, clean, user-friendly digital experiences.

Let's work together!

I've studied full-stack web development and UX, and I've worked on teams doing programming, finance and operations, and commercial photography. Now I'm ready to work for you!

Read more about my skills and background, and get in touch to discuss how I can help your project or team succeed.


Ready City

Natural disaster preparation made easy: customized, actionable preparations unique to each user's life situation.

  • React & Redux
  • Webpack + Rails integration
  • Postgres


Travel and wedding photography displayed on an Express app.

  • Express
  • Flexbox
  • Gulp

Eugene Weston III

Paying homage to my grandfather (and giving myself a front end playground) by turning a 1950's pamphlet into a 2017 responsive webpage.

Code Builders Dev Shop

From bootcamp student to dev shop apprentice: a culminating experience working on client contracts.

  • TDD w/ RSpec
  • React
  • JQuery

Code Builders

Six-month intensive web development bootcamp and apprenticeship, turning students from internet users to internet creators.

  • Ruby, Rails
  • CSS3, HTML5, Javascript
  • Agile methodologies